Painting Color Consultations

It has been an invaluable process for us to walk with countless clients in order to help them with their painting consultant needs. We have found after we have begun working with clients that there is a lot of confusion with regards to paint colors as well as accessories within the room. So many of our clients do not think through what color represents and how it effects the room.

Color is a very powerful means of communicating emotion and moods. The color red gives off a vibrant and exciting feel. Green and blue can give a calming effect. However, if you ask our customers what type of paint they want, they will give you a color. If you ask them, why. Then, they usually do not have a response accept it just looks good.

There is a huge value in having a painting consultant come to your house to help you walk through how you want your interior home to feel. Each room has a different theme and feel. From your kitchen to your bedroom, you want these rooms to have a different atmosphere that will give certain types of emotions to people who enter your home.

For instance, if someone is looking for Broomfield CO painters, then we would ask the question, have you thought about finding painters who also help with paint consultation. We have found many painters do not go to this next level to get trained. These painters in Broomfield have taken those steps to get qualified. It is an added bonus for a company to not only help paint your home, but also to be able to help you think through the colors you need. Think about what you miss when you don’t have someone to walk you through the details and to explain the science of colors. Normally, this means you have to go to the paint store to ask them for a small paper of paint color that you take home to put against your wall. These pieces of paper are so tiny that it is hard to imagine what your home would look like. Then, once you decide to go with it, you worry about whether or not it is going to look good. This is why it is extremely helpful to have a painting consultant walk you through the process. They have a confidence to know what will work and what will not work.

It is also important to have resources so that you know what to ask or what you are looking for with regards to color consultation. Here are a few different websites that can help you with this process:

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